Ondansetron for Migraine Treatment say dr. Rogers

Sometimes they can appear even after a long time of using the same medicine. To protect yourself from serious health consequences, if any doubtful signs appear, you should not delay a visit to the doctor.

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In the first case, manifestations occur almost immediately after the administration of Zofran drug, after 15 minutes, half an hour. Characterized by the appearance: severe redness of the skin at the injection site; hives; dermatitis. The reaction of this type is divided into 3 types: local, systemic and combined type. In the first case, manifestations occur only at the injection site. With a systemic reaction, other parts of Ondansetron are affected. The combined type includes both local and general features.

The delayed form develops a day after the injection. An infiltrate forms at the injection site. Depending on the form and type of symptoms slightly different. Signs arise from the skin, but there are also strong, dangerous reactions, such as anaphylactic.

Symptoms of a pathological condition. Signs of the disease on the skin appear in the majority of Zofran . In this case, there is: severe rash, accompanied by discomfort; hives; rarely - atopic dermatitis.

Some patients experience Zofran reaction.

Characterized by: an increase in body temperature; joint pain; general weakness; increased fatigue; angioedema. More rarely, more serious reactions occur, for example: Fever; Edema of lung tissue; Necrosis of subcutaneous tissues.

In particularly susceptible patients, predisposed to other allergic reactions to medications, there is anaphylactic shock, angioedema. These reactions pose a direct threat to human life and require prompt and qualified assistance. First of all, the doctor will prescribe tests that will helpdetermine the exact cause of the allergy. Taking into account the data of the anamnesis, antihistamines are recommended.

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If there are seals at the injection site, electrophoresis is done with calcium chloride, acting directly on the affected area. Another effective method is hyposensitization. That is, the patient is administered microdoses of insulin. Thus, an allergic reaction does not develop.

In some cases, boiled insulin is used, administered, gradually increasing the dosage. The substance in this case does not have a hormonal effect, it is absorbed slowly. Over time, the drug is changed to the usual type. There are several other methods to reduce allergic manifestations. The doctor selects them individually. Sometimes a decision is made to hospitalize the patient in a hospital setting. Thus, the person is under constant medical supervision. Mortal danger is reduced to a minimum.

This disease is quite complex and dangerous. Even the slightest signs of a malfunction in the body should not be ignored. A person with a genetic predisposition to any allergic reactions should definitely inform the doctor.

Gradually, the dosage increases, thereby the body gets used to Ondansetron drug. Immunity tolerance is formed, cells responsible for inhibiting the development of antibodies are produced.

It is advisable to take an allergen test before starting insulin therapy. This will make it possible to avoid unpleasant and dangerous consequences. Not infrequently, the drug is prescribed to children. In this case, the issue should be approached especially seriously.